In Depth Blog Post #1 Let’s Rock!

The in-depth project has finally started, I am looking forward to it as I can finally study about something that I am passionate¬† about. To be honest, when the project was announced, I had no idea what to do because the project was just too broad to me. I started listing ideas that would be possible and crossing the ones that would be hard for me to do. I finally made my choice between classical music and graphic design and the final decision is…. (drum roles)… Graphic design!

Study about graphic design isn’t an easy thing because I don’t have much experiences with this area. This year i am going to focus on graphic design, and mainly graphic designing in Photoshop cc and also take my own professional-looking photographs. I choose this topic because I am interested in many forms of graphic arts and also simply designing stuff. I want to show people how Photoshop isn’t just a tool of cropping faces and making funny pictures. Photoshop is in fact a very popular tool for a graphic designer. Of course there are different other tools, Photoshop cc is indeed the most popular one.

This year, I am mainly going to focus on learning the DETAILS usages in Photoshop cc and also create my own graphic arts with it. I know it is going to be a tedious process but I am challenging myself to do the best out of it. Then, I will learn and shoot photos by myself, because I don’t want to keep copying other people’s photos online. Therefore, I can actually become a legit graphic artist and create my very original pictures. I think the hardest part here is to generate ideas, it is very important to have the resources, but ideas are something that just pop out. Sometimes, I can look online for inspirations and also I can also my mentor for opinions on my arts.

Learning graphic designing is very different compared to drawing because in here, everything is basically done in a computer. I grab images from either online or from my own resources and turn them into meaningful and aesthetic images. A good new is that I have already secured a mentor, she is the graphic designing teacher in our school. Ms.Gilder specialize graphic designing, but mainly photography and I have seen some of her works and I was totally SHOCKED. She is going to meet me weekly and teach me to use Photoshop programs and also take photos with my limited materials.

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