Confederation Speech —Kimi/George Coles

Greetings gentlemen and I, George Coles, the premiere of Prince Edward Island, would like to apprise a consolidation of our final address towards this issue. Our official decision is to oppose the idea of Confederation, as it would not benefit our nation by an efficient amount and would however produce disadvantage for us instead. Even though we would gain protection from other nations and receive help for potential financial problems if Prince Edward Island is to connect with the main land. We would not gain much of an economic or defensive advantage as the island is already safe within. As mentioned, our nation enjoys political independence, and we believe that our nation would be under the pressure of the big, sovereign nations if Confederation is going to apply.  Also, our nation would appeal to be insignificant in the rep by pop system as our population would force us to follow the hegemony of the main lands. On the other hand, I appreciate the plan of building a confederation bridge joining our island to the mainland, but I think that the bridge would only make us more vulnerable as our intrinsic defense against others is the water barriers. Hypothetically speaking, we will gain possible economic benefits if the mainlands were to pay off our debt, but Confederation will get rid of our predominant trading relationships with other nations. To conclude, this nation would like to corroborate the idea of opposition to Confederation.

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