My Ted talk is about the pros and cons about the genetic modified salmon and how they are affecting our lives. Please enjoy!

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  1. A really impactful TED Talk, Kimi! I liked your story about the genetically modified corn syrup. It was a great way to show how genetically modified foods have already made their way into grocery stores and onto our plates, without many of us even knowing about it. I also found it interesting how you outlined why genetically modified foods are our future because of what humans have done to the planet. This is an extension of the climate change lesson we had a couple weeks ago. Your topic is very similar to mine, which is “should humans genetically modify cows?”. In my research, I also found pros and cons to genetically modified foods. This leads me to wonder, what will our future look like when all our food is genetically modified? This future is scary but is interesting to look at. You had a really impactful conclusion, but it might be helpful to restate your main points at the end.
    Awesome work!

  2. Hey Kimi!
    Wow! That was phenomenal! I really loved how you started off with a personal story and how this affected your choices into studying GMO salmon. I did not know that health Canada’s standards are low enough that fish that are connected to breast cancer can pass without labels! That’s important to know. Is there any other way that I can find out if the salmon on my table is GMO?
    I also like your smooth transitions. It felt like you were talking to me and made it easier to engage in the video itself. The conclusion was very strong. It left a strong impact and is a good way to raise awareness. Thank you for educating me about GMO salmon and the environmental impacts! I really enjoyed it.

  3. Hi Kimi,

    I really enjoyed your TED Talk! Not only was it informative, but you shared some of your own personal experiences with GMO as well. This really made the topic seem more real and relatable to our own lives. I had no idea that GMO salmon went unlabelled in stores in Canada. Looking at the rapid increase of GMO in our everyday lives, how can we as people identify when we are being served GMO and educate ourselves on the benefits and risks of these new alternatives? Are there any groups that help intigrate this knowledge in people that purchase potential GMO products?

  4. This video is marvelous! Your inquiry question touches on a very serious issue in our world right now. GMO foods are present in our food markets and some people are extremely cautious of them. I’ve seen stores that have signs to state that they don’t use any GMO ingredients to reassure their customers. Your story at the beginning was a nice personal touch and introduced the video in a light-hearted yet impactful way. Your presentation was easy to follow and your narration emphasized how important the points/facts are. Since we’ve genetically modified many types of produce, I was wondering if they had different methods of modifying them depending on the type of animal, like salmon compared to beef. And if so, do they have the same effects on the human body? Good job on your TED talk!
    – Annie

  5. Great job! You started with a personal connection/story (which I regard as one of the highest forms of an effective hook) and had me immersed into the topic of the video. You had beautiful aesthetically pleasing slides and animations, however, there was a slight inconsistency between all the slides and text which threw me off a little bit. You also mentioned both the pros and cons of GMO Salmon which makes the TALON Talk less bias, more reliable, and trustworthy.

    A question I have for you is:
    If genome editing for humans is not that great, what makes GMO for food better? Is there simply more research on it? Or is there something else that makes it easier to pull off?

    Great TALON Talk, interesting stuff.

  6. Great TED talk Kimi!
    This was really interesting because I watched this TED talk right after watching Jayden’s video. There is a lot of correlation because both of you are talking about genetically modifying animals. I also loved your hook that gave a personal story that give insight into some real life and relatable incidents. I also love how you made direct comparisons like pros or cons that clearly outlined the issues and benefits. I am also wondering why Canada would let fish related to breast cancer go unchecked. Is there a reasoning behind that? I loved your strong conclusion that was a sort of call to action that raised awareness about genetically modified salmon. Overall stunning TED talk with great visuals and interesting voice enthusiasm.

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