A letter to the KING

Dear King Charles II,

I greatly apologize interrupt your valuable time but please, your majesty, read over this letter from your faithful servant before it is too late.

The deadly plague had taken over our country, your majesty, and it had come to a very worrisome stage. Every time I peeked out from the window, all I see was terror, all I see was chaos, all I see was death. I hated to say this, but our people are suffering, they are demolished by this monstrous assassin, murdering everyone in sight. It is indeed heart-breaking for me to witness ordinary men on street with deep, black patches on their skins, banging their head on the wall to cease that unstopping headache. Vomiting, moaning, shouting, every night I had to suffer listening to people dying because of the plague. Save us, I pray to you, our only hope lies in your hand, thus, please think again before it is too late!

Your majesty, I am, and always will be your faithful knight, but it is way too painful to watch my relatives suffer in this merciless plague. I still had some faith inside of me before my son had died in the house and now, I am nearly hopeless. Every night when I had to comfort him that he would get better soon, I would see a ghostly blurry figure singing the nursery rhyme. “Ring-a-ring of roses. A pocketful of posies. Attischo, Attischo. We all fall down.” Growing up as a faithful knight, I’ve never been so terrified before.

It started as a bad fever, but gradually worsened and my dear son was covered in black patches. The worst part was the pus that grew under my son’s armpits, he almost died of pain when he attempted to pop one below his right arm. I, being his father, could only stand and watch him suffer, there’s nothing I could do, your majesty, nothing. I still remembered riding my trusty horse for miles to find a bundle of sweet smelling flower to cure my dear son. But it was completely fruitless. Then he started to sneeze, tears overcame me, because I knew, it was the end of our lovely relationship.

Therefore, my dear lord, please, please rethink your decision of leaving to Oxford. If you truly are the God, I beg you to save our people, families and the whole England. I pray to you, your majesty, if you truly are the god, prevent us from suffering, bring peace to our land. If you truly are the god, please proven yourself to your faithful people instead of leaving them to die. And I still believe in you, you King of England, Scotland and Ireland, and please don’t let your country down.

Your Most Faithful Knight

Hedwig Barn


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