DOL #4

Q: Provide a copy/image of your research notes. What concepts in your learning do you now feel you have a solid grasp on? Which ones might be useful to other students?

Here is the link to the google doc that contains my notes for my Zip project:

My topic is about the symbolism in the short stories and I’ve focused on two short stories that we’ve read in the past few months. Barney and The Veldt. I now have a solid knowledge about how the symbolism makes a difference in the short stories. Not only does it make the story more interesting to read, it reflects the story to a deeper, real world problem. Taking the symbolism in the Veldt as an example, it is reflecting how technology is gradually taking over the society. Symbolism is what makes a story contains levels, as the first level being the content reader first time sees and comprehends. Symbols are what give readers space to ponder, it makes the story deeper and can also add richness to the plot, making it more appealing. I think these facts are very valuable for other students in the future because it clearly shows how symbolism enhances a story. Symbolism is the art inside an art gallery, it provides color and creates an environment for people to think about the story even after reading it.

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