DOL #3

Question:knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of your inquiry?

With the knowledge that I now acquire, I feel like that I need to pay more attention to my calendar. The information are thorough and I am happy how it turned out, but I still need more efforts in completing my presentation. First of all, i needed to narrow my topic quickly in order to start to research in time. In my case, I struggled on my question as it is a bit too vague. After, I finally focused on the symbolism in short stories and I’ve finally made some progress. Secondly, the research process should be done more efficiently. I needed to pay attention to the websites that I am using and how helpful they are. Lastly, I want to advise myself that it is important to think about the presentation at the beginning because I still need to work on my presentation even though I’ve acquired a lot of data. It will be much easier if I already know how I am going to present.




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