Symbolism, it may sound familiar to you, but think like this, why do authors use symbolism? Why would you symbolize something with another idea or object? Authors use symbolism to emphasize the themes of the books. And that brings to my question: how do authors use symbolism to enhance a novel?

In this inquiry project, I would like to look at the symbolism authors use in their books. I would mainly focus on a few books, however, because or else the question will be too broad to research about. Personally, while reading a novel, sometimes I stop to think about a deeper meaning of the book. Symbolism is something that leaves me to think, it is something that will teach me an important life lesson, it is something that emphasizes the tones of the novel, bringing me into the plot. I was especially motivated after reading one of my favorite book, The Little Prince. I was shocked because of how the author uses symbolism to illustrate a bigger picture between the lines. The book was short, but it was indeed powerful. That was when I realize the importance of symbolism, and that is exactly why I am choosing this as my inquiry topic. I am excited to discuss about the symbolism that I found meaningful in the novel. In my opinion, symbolism is what makes a story even better.

Symbolism is basically using words to present an abstract idea, for instance, the fire may symbolise danger, a child may symbolise the innocence.

Currently, symbolism is still a general idea to me and I need to do some close reading in order to understand the symbolism in the novels. I will need my comprehension to understand the books. I also need the internet as a resource which will guide me through the project. I would really like to expand my reading comprehension skill because most of the times, I skim through pages but never slow down to understand the meanings between the lines. I can also investigate on the books that I’ve already read closely and therefore understand the symbolic themes.

In order to approach my research, internet is indeed a big help, I need to research about how symbolism makes a novel better. And how a novel will lose its meaning without symbolism. I need the library to grab the book that I find interesting, or the ones that I hope I can read more closely.

In the end, I hope to make a poster with different symbolism that appears in a few novels. That way, I can explain the importance of symbolism to an author’s literature idea. In order to highlight my work, I will focus on two or three novels in order to show the general main idea and make comparisons.


Week 1 Finish the weekly blog post and expand on the topic, finish basic research
Week 2 Find useful sites and start in-depth research (about specific books), grab books from library
Week 3 Start the poster, gathering information about the novel and relate to the topic of enhancement.
Week 4 Finishing researching and choose useful notes to put on the poster and to talk about, finalizing notes
Week 5 Finalize the poster and gathering info from the book, be ready to present

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