NOTN Assessment

Roughly 70 hours, I spent my time working on my learning center. Iimg_2822 was just fascinated by the grade 10’s learning centers last year and this year, I planed to put everything into my project. I still remembered the frustrating moment when I was staring at my computer and had no idea of what to do for my learning center. I still remember those times when my glue gun burnt my finger, leaving dots if red marks. Enough complaining, it was definitely all worth it.

Heavily influenced by Lucas’s work last year, I tried everything in order to attract people and have conversations. I framed every single picture because I wanted people to feel theimg_2821 environment. Looking back, I was indeed happy about my work, I tried to include all the senses, touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Therefore, I considered my learning center as successful but still had room for improvements.

On the other hand, I need to give special thanks for the ones who replied my interview questions. I got on from the international Chopin Society, which I thought was really cool because the Society was located in Poland. They offered me helpful links and also directed me to more professors who knew much more about Frederic Chopin. I also got replies from the Vancouver Chopin Society, and the person who emailed me was super enthusiastic as she chatted with me via email, which was also SUPER COOL. I didn’t think I was going to get a reply at all, but I tried, and I did! Those people were immensely helpful as I gained much more information about Chopin besides the internet and books, mainly on his musical styles.

After the night, I felt relished because I could finally add few more hours to my sleeping schedule. Besides that, I was really proud of my work and how it turned how at the night. First, I achieved my goal of having one or more interviews which were awesome. Secondly,img_2824Iwas proud of how I could have different conversations with the people who came to visit my learning center. Despite my nervousness, I managed to chatwith them about my eminent person, and also my passion. It was a total different experience for me as I never had a chance to talk to so many adults. But I had to admit, it was extremely fun to talk to someone who had the same passion as you. There were a few people who I thought I could spend a whole afternoon with to talk about Frederic Chopin. Beside that, i was happy of how the music attracted people to come. I think music was necessary for people to truly understand a pianist. I also had a poster i made with pictures of Chopin that I put on top of the locker. Here, i had to thank Lucas once more because I was inspired by his idea of putting a poster on the locker. Plus, i could put the speaker behind the poster so it wouldn’t seem so out of place. I was also happy about my idea of dumping the piano sheetsimg_2828 into coffee for it to look old and it also had a coffee smell to it. I also brought the full collections of Chopin’s nocturnes and polonaises. I also made a map about the places different Chopin interpreters were born in and a tri-fold for images and names of the interpreters. Besides, I also brought props from my house to make the scene more realistic. Overall, it turned out well because there could still be ways for improvements.

Despite the success, I also had many points to change. First, I think I could make my pictures in frames a lot bigger because sometimes people had to lean in order to see it clearly. And that brought me to my secondimg_2827 point, the lighting. I don’t expect the environment to be that so I used my phone as a flashlight, but it wasn’t really significant. Next time, I think I will bring some lightings like flashlights or lamps. After that, I needed to use my time more efficiently because compared to the grade 10s, mine was still not as aesthetically organized. One thing is that my mom was back in China, so she couldn’t bring my bigger materials to school. Lastly, just to add up, I would have more desks and have them placed more outwards. That way, people wouldn’t have to walk all the way into the locker bay and sometimes, people would just walk past because it was hard to see.

The thing I remembered the most was probably the moment when people started to come to visit my learning center. There were some people who taught piano and we had some really interesting conversations. There was a lady who actually went to the Chopin museum at Warsaw, Poland. It was impressive to see someone wimg_2834ho actually studied Frederic Chopin. I was awfully nervous at first but it all came together when the conversations begun. I was impressed of how many people had visited my learning center which made me extra proud. Another thing I remembered was the group photo because, to me, it was a great moment to see everyone’s smiles after such a long project. That moment was special, it was joyful, it was pure happiness



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