Eminent speech: Story telling Ark

Exposition: introduces Chopin as his beloved metronome, who travels stays with Chopin almost the whole time. Describes how the metronome was given to Chopin when he was young. Opens the story with a glimpse of the climax, which is Chopin’s last concert.

Inciting Incident: Chopin’s sickness was found but he didn’t pay much attention to it because he is practicing and composing. Describes how Chopin differs at home and on stage in the metronome’s perspective.

Rising Action #1:  Illustrates his early life when he was already a music genius. He published his first piece when he was only seven. (A second Mozart) Chopin’s parents sent him to Vienna, where he made his performance debut in 1829.

Rising Action #2: Chopin went to study Poland to study and was highly recognize. But then, Russia conquerors arrived at Poland and Chopin took off to Paris at 21. Where he increases his income by teaching rich students. Chopin’s sickness had started to develop and started to take pills and canceling concerts.

Rising Action #3: Chopin met George Sand at a party and received a letter from her two years later. The two moved to Majorca, Chopin’s sickness is even worse, which result in weight loss and much more syndromes. Can’t go to many concerts because of the sickness. Chopin’s love journey isn’t going well either.

Climax: Chopin’s last concert, his fourteenth concert, held in London. Chopin’s sickness is getting very worse, describes his intensiveness while playing pieces with some famous English singers.He struggled to stay well while on stage, the metronome is worried too.

Falling Action: Chopin stops composing, George Sand starts to care about him less. The metronome isn’t touched for a long time (lonely). Chopin’s spirit and health were broken.

Resolution: Chopin has to keep using medicine in drag his illness but in 1849, it was at its worst stage. (describes Chopin’s days at home how sad he was). He then returned to Paris, where he died on October 17, 1849. Describes the last moment of Chopin and his metronome, and where did the metronome go later on.



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