Dad Is Dying Blog Response

In McLean’s “Dad is Dying”, there is a happy ending as Sam’s lie ends up “rescu[ing] his mother and father” (139). In my personal opinion, the benefits of San’s lie doesn’t outweigh the issue of the lie itself because the story only has a partial ending. It is true that Sam’s lie has some benefits on other people around him and also on himself. Sam says his “Dad is dying” because he doesn’t want to get embarrassed for crying about a dog. The words spread super fast and nearly all the neighbors know that Dave is dying. The lie indeed makes everyone feel really bad and depressed, Mary is a victim as she cries for Dave at Sam’s house. Plus, the worst thing is that Sam’s parents have no idea what is happening because Sam never tells them what he says. Then, Sam chooses to keep lying, to let a such big event continue. Sam even benefits himself because nobody knows that he is actually lying, Sam gets a huge cone of ice-cream after he pretends to be depressed. Essentially, Sam crosses a line of sympathy because he is lying and trying to earn people’s pity, and that is even worse when Sam is still a young kid. In Sam’s mind, there is only the big cone of ice-cream that he gets for free, but he never thinks about the consequences. For example, Sam never thinks about the ice-cream girl who may get fired of giving so much ice-cream to a boy for free. Think closely, there is essentially no benefits for Sam to lie as “he couldn’t take it any longer.” Personally, i also experience this feeling of guilt after I lie. My stomach aches and my mind always reminds me the consequences that can happen which forces me to feel worse. That’s not the worst part, but the part when my parents find out my lie, they are super disappointed and depressed. In “Dad is Dying”, the story ends happy but if it continues, Sam’s parents might figure out that Sam is lying and the neighbors will lose trust on Sam. Sam’s parents will also get very frustrating and disappointed at Sam because everything nice the neighbors do are just to comfort Dave to feel better. The benefits of Sam’s lie are basically nothing when his lie gets revealed so there is basically no benefits for Sam to lie in the first place because of all the troubles he is going to face.

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