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chopin-2Frederic Chopin, the moment you hear this name, you may already know tons of facts about him. A famous musician and composer, you may say. That is correct, but there much more about this music genius. In my eyes, he is a hero to the musical culture. Most of the people only know some famous pieces of his but nobody knows the hardship and the extraordinary he made to the music history in a such short life. To be truthful, it is bit harsh for me to finish much homework in a short time and personally, I have much more paper works outside the school but I eventually figured everything. Breaks are the key for a continuously working style, I often spend time chatting but these days, I spend my time in front of my piano.

Frédéric François Chopin was born on February 22, 1810, near Warsaw, Poland. Chopin has three siblings back then, and he is the one who possesses the most music talent among his siblings.  He was an artist to be exact who wrote poetry, and played piano without any formal instruction. Chopin was different from everyone around him and this gifted child also began to compose his own music and had his first piece published when he was seven years old. Just think about that, seven years old! I started to play piano when I was four but I was far from being good at an instrument, not even closed to composing. Young Chopin had a good education and later studied music privately with Joseph Elsner, the founder and director of the Warsaw Conservatory. In 1817, when Chopinchopin-3 was still seven years old, his first composition was performed publicly. Personally, it is impressive because Chopin’s talent at music is easy to identify and it is already shown clearly in his early life. Moreover, by this time the young Chopin began drawing comparisons to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791), another composer who had demonstrated spectacular talent at a young age. Chopin was also influenced by a few of Mozart’s pieces, for example the Op.26 Sonata.

In 1826 Chopin became a full-time student at Elsner’s conservatory, where he received an excellent foundation in theory, harmony, and melody. Elsner, after recognizing that Chopin’s style was too original to force into traditional patterns, granted Chopin the freedom to develop along clear personal lines. Chopin’s music pieces are beautiful not because of his rhythms, but his originality, his pieces are different, unlike Beethoven, who embraces with power, Chopin’s music pieces are truly from his heart. When the twenty-year-old Chopin arrived in Paris, poor physical health prevented him from giving public performances. Nevertheless, he became a significant figure in Parisian artistic circles, numbering among his friends, musicians, writers, and painters, as well as many wealthy and talented women.


At first, I only recognize this legendary musician as a composer who wrote hundreds of beautiful music pieces. His harmonic and melodies music styles made great impacts to the future music composers who became the “second generations” of Frederic Chopin. Then, I finally decide to choose him not because of his music, but the difference he made to the world despite of his health condition and short life. He experienced part of his adult life as a period of great suffering. From his teens, he suffered from respiratory tract infections, diarrhoea, lost of weighs and much more health issues. Chopin keeps working through his music pieces, despite failing health, the composer completed his twenty-four Preludes in Valldemosa.

chopin-4Now here comes the personal facts, me and Chopin has similarities as we both experienced hardship while playing music as for him, it was his serious health problem. For me, it was when I moved to another country because I stopped for quite a while and had to buy another piano in Canada to continue learning. In a sense, we both persevered through the hardships and for me, my main idea was that “music brings happiness”. Learning from Chopin, I realize that I can always achieve if I truly love music because for Chopin, he did and he really made a dent in the musical history.

Kimi Chopin
male male
Chinese Polish
Passionate about playing the piano Extremely talented at playing and composing
Don’t have any siblings Has three siblings
Interested in composing Published his first song when 7
Don’t have to deal with health issues Deal with serious health issues
Have a piano teacher at Tom Lee student at Elsner’s conservatory
Understands harmony and melodic Have unique style of harmony and melodic


Throughout this process, I am looking forward to dig more into Chopin’s life as how exactly did he create such beautiful music pieces despite of his poor health. It was also for me to learn more about the pieces I am playing right now composed by Chopin, like the Nocturne in E Minor. My piano teacher always says that “to fully comprehend one piano piece, you have to learn about its composer and history” and that’s how this comes to place, a perfect opportunity for me to learn more about this talented genius. In one of my IEPs, I want to be an individual TALENT learner and I need to persevere through obstacles in order to success. Also in speaking of playing piano, I need to keep thinking it as a source of relaxation, but not a task to complete, or else I won’t be improving.



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